How can I make the most of SNOObie?

The Happiest Baby App lets you choose SNOObie light + sound cues to create up to 4 routines at a time that fit your family! Here is how to have fun with SNOObie:

  • Aid slumber: Your baby will love our award-winning SNOO sounds (Rain on the Roof is perfect for sleep and Fast and Vigorous helps calm fussing).
  • Build better sleepytime routines: Use the App to schedule a wind-down routine…with a SNOObie lullaby + enchanting coloured light.
  • Start each morning…happy! Show your early bird when it is okay to start the day! Set the Rise & Shine light to glow green to signal it is time to get out of bed.
  • Teach mindful breathing: SNOObie’s Magic Breathing uses synchronised light + sound to help you teach your child this invaluable skill. (Practice relaxing the face and breathing out a bit slower than breathing in.)
  • Let kids tell you their favourites: Ask your child to pick their favourite sounds and colours…to help cut down on bedtime battles!
  • Go anywhere—and everywhere—with SNOObie! Bring SNOObie with you wherever you think your little one could use comforting light or sound (to make a hotel room feel more like home, as a soundtrack for car naps, as a nightlight at Grandma’s house, etc). 
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