What does the Happiest Baby App do?

The Happiest Baby App lets you connect your Happiest Baby devices and modify and personalize your device’s settings.

With SNOO you can:

  • Control SNOO remotely—increase or decrease SNOO’s level of sound and motion
  • Adjust the volume of SNOO’s white noise
  • Allow slow rocking, but block SNOO from going to more jiggly motion above Level 2 (green). Learn more about Motion Limiter!
  • Get alerted when your baby requires extra attention in SNOO
  • Get real-time indicators of the level of sound + motion your baby is receiving in SNOO
  • Get Dr. Karp’s SNOO Sleep Tips
  • Share your account with other caregivers via QR Code

And if you have Happiest Baby App Premium Subscription, you can unlock additional features:

  • Add extra bounce to SNOO’s motion to mimic a car ride. Learn more about Car Ride Mode
  • Lock the SNOO motion level to your baby’s favorite one (Baseline, Level 1 and 2). Learn more about our Level Lock!
  • Play SNOO’s white noise before and after sleep. Learn more about Sleepytime Sounds!
  • Adjust how quickly your SNOO responds to your baby. Learn more about our Responsiveness setting!
  • Set the preferred starting level, especially convenient for those little ones who like more motion. Learn more about Motion Start level!
  • Gradually wean your baby from SNOO to allow an easier transition to the crib available, and to help you with that we have designed Weaning Mode!
  • Track your baby's sleep, feeding and diaper routine with our Tracker!
  • Create multiple baby profiles with Multi-Baby Support
  • Add multiple SNOO to one single baby profile with our Multi-SNOO Support
  • Get content based on your pregnancy stage or little one’s age
  • Premium Articles & other content from pregnancy to toddlerhood

With SNOObie, you can:

  • Schedule routines with your favorite light + sound cues
  • Toggle

And stay tuned! Future versions of the Happiest Baby App will provide you with lots more information about your baby!

*Certain features and access are exclusive to the Premium Subscription of the App.

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