Is the Happiest Baby App replacing the SNOO App?

With the Happiest Baby App, we’re upgrading from our previous SNOO App in several ways. Not only does the App continue to support SNOO, but it’s also compatible with other Happiest Baby products, including our innovative SNOObie Smart Soother. Here are some of the exciting updates:

  1. Enhanced SNOO Pairing: We’ve improved the SNOO pairing experience to make it even smoother.
  2. Device Accessibility Improvements: Access and control your devices with ease through our improved accessibility features.
  3. Dark Mode: Tailor your App experience with a sleek Dark Mode, ideal for late-night baby care. If Dark Mode is activated on your mobile device, the App will seamlessly adapt to it.
  4. Sleep Log Summary: Get a comprehensive overview of your baby’s sleep patterns and habits.
  5. Zoom In Mode: Get a closer look at your baby’s vital statistics and data with our new Zoom In mode.
  6. Manual Sleep Sessions: Have more control over your data by manually recording, adding, or deleting sleep sessions.
  7. Car Ride Mode: Experience the comforting motion of a car ride with SNOO’s gentle rocking, mimicking the soothing bumps and bounces your baby enjoys while sleeping on drives.
  8. Sleepytime Sounds: Enjoy a selection of soothing sounds for your baby, complete with duration settings to cater to their preferences.
  9. Compatibility for Multiple Devices: Easily manage multiple Happiest Baby devices using a single App, offering you enhanced convenience and flexibility. Simply tap the "+" icon on your "Devices" screen and follow the provided instructions to add a new device.
  10. Improved Sleep Tips: Get helpful tips and guidance based on Dr. Karp’s expert advice.
  11. Account Sharing via QR Code: Easily grant access to other caregivers with our convenient QR code account sharing.

What if I’m already using the SNOO App?

Our SNOO App is now retired and has been replaced by the new and improved Happiest Baby App. The SNOO App was permanently removed from both the Play Store and App Store. You may be able to continue using it if it's installed on your phone, however you may encounter issues or be unable to access the App at some point. We recommend downloading our new and improved Happiest Baby App, available on both iOS or Android.

If you already have a SNOO App account, just download the Happiest Baby App and log in with the same credentials. If you already paired SNOO to the SNOO App, you won’t have to pair again—it will already be in your Devices screen of the Happiest Baby App.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Download the Happiest Baby App on iOS or Android.
  2. Log in using your current SNOO App credentials.
  3. Your sleep data from the SNOO App will sync automatically, and you will see your SNOO on the home screen of the Happiest Baby App under "Devices."

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. Your feedback is essential to help us improve and provide the best experience. Please take a moment to rate and leave a review on the App store to share your thoughts with us.

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