The SNOO sack's fastener strap rides up on my baby. How can I prevent that from happening?

When the inner band gets loose and rides up, it means that it was put on too loosely or that your baby was able to bend their elbows and push it up with their arms. To prevent this from happening, make sure you:

  1. Pull the sack's arm bands across the upper belly—keeping your baby's arms straight at the sides. 
  2. Make sure the inner band is covering their wrists
  3. Bring the leg flap up and attach it to the arm band. Zip the swaddle fully closed—top and bottom.
  4. If they are still getting it up, try putting them in a long sleeve shirt or wrapped with a nappy before putting in the SNOO Sack (these techniques can aid in keeping the swaddle snug on your baby!)

When the band rides up, it is still quite loose. Even if it touches a baby’s upper chest or neck, it is not a risk. However, it is important to make sure the zip is completely closed (top and bottom) to prevent any part of the sleep sack from getting over your baby’s face.

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