How can I clean my SNOO?

We understand babies can have unexpected spit-ups & blowouts while sleeping. Lucky for you, cleaning SNOO is easier than you think!

Note that, for safety reasons, the SNOO mesh is not removable. The mesh, however, can be easily spot cleaned with a soft cloth with warm water and mild soap, and a baby-safe spray cleaner can be used to deep clean the mesh. 

SNOOs should be regularly cleaned by introducing a narrow vacuum hose through the back zipper. Many such hoses are readily available for purchase for less than $10. Likewise, a can of compressed air can easily blow away fine dust that may collect between the mesh layers. These are also easily purchased for under $10. Finally, when not in use, SNOOs should be stored in the dust bag to protect from dust build up.

As for cleaning SNOO’s foam mattress, we suggest spot cleaning with mild soap and warm water. Please make sure the foam mattress is completely air-dried before reusing. We highly recommend against putting the mattress in your washer and dryer, as doing so may damage or warp the foam.

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