What is the difference between the two SNOObear fabrics?

Besides being a white noise machine and a comforting lovey, our paediatrician-designed SNOObear is also a wonderful toy created to stimulate your child’s senses! The two fabric choices—woolly and plush—allow you to choose a sensory experience. 

The fuzzy fur of our woolly SNOObear offers little ones a fun tactile encounter that is exciting to their growing sensory development. Meanwhile, the velvety fur of our plush SNOObear is all about the soft, cosy comfort that babies and toddlers crave.

Whether you favour woolly or plush, know that your SNOObear is 100% machine washable—a must for any baby or toddler toy! Simply remove the speaker box, re-stick the fastener, and wash in warm water on the gentle cycle. Tumble dry with no heat.

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